A Resource

Hello. Welcome to The Big Picture.

For this post, I just want to introduce readers to a resource that I am going to be using to examine, analyze, and question the world around us.

As members of the human race, we all have questions about the big picture. For some, the answers lie in religion or faith of some kind. For others, science is the key to ultimate truth. Some just say common sense is all you need to navigate our world.

As a race, we have consciously set up these institutions: religious institutions, political institutions, philosophical/ideological institutions, communicative institutions and the like. They have become, in a sense, the set of rules we all live by to get on. And we all have an innate sense of our relationship to these institutions and the relationships within and between these institutions. It is these relationships that define, in a way, our existence and define our responses to our existence.

The resource for exploring these relationships that The Big Picture will focus on is a website, much like any other website, except for a significant difference--this one attempts, and quite successfully I think, to order these institutions and our relationships to these institutions in a rational and useful manner. It is a taxonomy, much like the periodic table of elements or the taxonomic order of biological life are taxonomies, officially called The Taxonomy of Human Elements in Endeavor (THEE).

THEE is far from complete, as it deals with some of the most complex, subtle, and important aspects of what it is to be human, much is left to be explored and entered. However, what has been completed offers a fascinating insight into the ever-evolving world around us and points out the many constants in human endeavor.

You can visit thee-online.com here.

To view the bulk of THEE's content, you have to register, but it is free and THEE asks nothing of you except your inquiry--no financial commitment, no information mining, no emails you don't ask for, etc.

However, participation on the THEE website and in this blog is highly encouraged.

Thank you and enjoy!